Monterey Peninsula College, 1954-1955.

I enrolled at MPC in Monterey, California and was elected President of the International Relations Club. I began  to collect material aid for Korea and sent over 20 tons of assistance while a student at MPC.



U.C. at Berkeley, 1955-1959.

At UC- Berkeley, I was elected President of the Association of International Relations Clubs of Northern

California Universities and Colleges and began working toward a broader public understanding of international relations.

As a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, the professional foreign service fraternity, I helped organize student conferences on international relations.While earning a BA in History and an MA in Sociology, I also studied Chinese Mandarin and Tibetan languages. My Masters’ thesis was on social change in 19th Century China and the role of the western missionaries.



Ph.D. studies at University of Wisconsin, Madison, 1964-1967

From 1964 – 1967, I pursued my graduate studies in sociology with an emphasis on community sociology and voluntary organizations. My doctoral minor was in Latin American Studies. Doctoral language exams were in Spanish and French.

My Ph.D. dissertation was an analysis of the power structure of Manizales, Colombia and how the elites infiltrated, co-opted and/or destroyed voluntary organizations of the poor to prevent the formation of interest groups that could challenge their power.

Photo:  Roy, (left) with friends having a picnic dinner with Mary Ann, David and me at Eagle Heights, U.W. student housing yard.