Father’s side of the family

Fred Hassel



Mary Ann’s grandparents came from Germany. Her grandfather, Peter Hassel, was born January 25 1868 in Germany. He died November 7, 1944 in Clark County, Wisconsin. Her grandmother, Margaretha (Knauer) Hassel, was born April 26 1868 in Colgate, Germany. She married Peter Hassel in 1890 in New York. She died September 29, 1947 in Merrill, Wisconsin.

Mary Ann’s father, Frederick, was born on 11 January, 1904. He was the 9th of 13 children of Peter and Margaretha. Fred Hassel married Gertrude Hubrich on January 29, 1929. Mary Ann was born in December of that year. Fred died on the 20th of December of 1988 in Wausau, Wisconsin.