Drake thinks and acts globally. He has traveled the world, speaks several languages and relates easily with the poor slum dweller, the indigenous natives in the jungle or with ministers of state in national capitals. He has a compassion for the poor, for those marginalized by their societies, for the mentally disabled, for the victims of prejudice.  He is a committed activist in the struggle for the development of an appreciation of cultural diversity, for granting dignity and respect to individuals of all ethnic, racial, religious and cultural groups.  He sees himself as a patriot, fighting for the principles of social justice and human rights on which this nation was founded. He has a deep appreciation for the arts and uses the arts to teach an appreciation of human diversity and to recognize community heroes who have made this community a better place for all by virtue of their civic contributions.


Growing up

  1. Family
  2. Irvington, NJ
  3. Manasquan, NJ


On The Road

  1. Philmont Scout Ranch 1946
  2. Hitch-Hike Trip 1947
  3. Central America 1949-1950
  4. Geodetic Surveying
  5. Europe 1950
  6. Later Travels



  1. The Orphanage Experience
  2. Research
  3. Two Shocking Findings



  1. Personal Museum
  2. Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Tibetan, French
  3. BA, MA, PhD
  4. High School Teaching
  5. Western Washington University
    1. Community Sociology – University Year for Action
    2. East Asian Studies – Teaching English in the PRC
    3. Assistant to the President
    4. International Programs



  1. Manizales, Colombia
  2. Bellingham City Council
  3. Washington State Hispanic Commission
  4. Civic Activities in Bellingham
    1. Saving the Bus System  [WTA bus]
    2. WARC and School District fight [photo of David at Board meeting.]
    3. Herald Carriers Protective Association [photo of front page of Herald
    4. Killing the Recreation Commission [photo of Bloedel Park]



  1. Big Rock Garden Nursery, Gardens of Art
    1. Hiring Disabled
    2. Huang Azaleas [photo of MAD’s azalea]
    3. Selling sculpture [photo of sculpture in garden]
  2. Big Rock Garden Park
  3. Sue Boynton Poetry Contest
  4. Sculpture Northwest
  5. Jungle Medicine
  6. Dance and Music In My Life



  1. Huixquilucan
  2. Missionaries in China
  3. Manizales Power Structure
  4. Term Papers, University
  5. Newspaper, Magazine Articles



  1. Honorary Citizen, Manizales, Colombia
  2. Honorary Citizen, Gwangju, ROK
  3. One of 70 Foreign Heroes
  4. Outstanding Citizen of the Year
  5. “I am NOT a hero.”



  1. Things left out.
  2. So what?  The meaning of all this.