I am sorry to say that I remember very little about my older brother Stanley.  He was born on May 11, 1929.  The impressions that I have at this time (age 87) is that he was ‘Daddy’s boy’ while Roy and I were ‘Mommie’s boys.’  Stanley hung out in the shop or garage with our father and learned auto mechanics, electricity, radio repair and many other mechanical skills while Roy and I were relegated to the ash heap of those with five thumbs who were incapable of doing anything with our hands.

While Roy and I were getting report cards with all “A’s” Stanley dropped out of school and joined the army.  I don’t know if he ever got his high school diploma.

When I left Army Security Agency headquarters in Virginia for California, before shipping out to Korea, Stanley decided to join me and we drove to California together.  He settled in Pacific Grove, California where he met Mavis Boyd, who was to become the mother of his many children.

Stanley and Mavis

While Stanley was a whiz at radio repair, auto repair, appliance repair, etc. he was not too skilled at the economics of running his own repair business and was constantly in debt, having his trucks repossessed and losing his home, etc.  It was a rough existence for Mavis and the increasingly larger family.

   Mavis, her children and her brother with Mary Ann, Todd and David




Stanley also had a problem with alcoholism which led to various charges of abuse in the family.  Eventually he left the family and moved to Bellingham where I found him a small apartment and a shop where he could mount all his tools and once again get involved in his creative activities.  He died in his sleep one night and a few days later several of his sons came to Bellingham to have him cremated and remove his tools and all his physical possessions.

Roy , George and Stanley