Throne of Nezahualcoyotl

El Trono de Nezahualcoyotl (The Throne of Nezahualcoyotl) is the name of a 7 ft. tall sculpture created by SEBASTIAN of Mexico City in the form of an abstract chair. It is located in VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. It was a gift of the government of Mexico to the City of Vancouver about 35 years ago. Over the years it has weathered badly, the paint has faded and it is rusting in places. For over 10 years Drake has been trying to get the City of Vancouver Park Department to repair the sculpture. Now it looks like that will come about.

A contract is being developed whereby the SEBASTIAN IN BELLINGHAM project will borrow the sculpture, bring it to Bellingham, repair it and place it in the SEBASTIAN IN BELLINGHAM sculpture exhibit in the center of Bellingham along with 16 other works by SEBASTIAN. The Consul General of Mexico in Vancouver has obtained the money for the repair and repainting of the sculpture. The volunteers of VanDusen Botanical Garden have raised the funds needed to pay for the transportation of the work from VanDusen to Bellingham and back, including paying for customs, brokerage, etc.

The Throne of Nezahualcoyotl will be returned to VanDusen in early September where its re-installation and re-dedication will be the focal point of the celebration of the BiCentennial of the Mexican Independence from Spain which will be celebrated on 16 September.

Meanwhile, SEBASTIAN is planning on making a copy of the original Throne in heavier steel. IF (and this is not certain) this comes about then the new work will be offered to VanDusen Botanical Garden in exchange for the old, repaired work. SEBASTIAN has agreed to give Drake the old sculpture if VanDusen accepts the new one. In that case Drake will donate the old sculpture to the Choong Hyun Won in the Metropolitan City of Gwangju in South Korea. The Choong Hyun Won is an old Korean War Orphanage that has been completely restored and now serves as a Korean War Orphanage Museum and Archive as well as a hostel for returning Korean adoptees who are visiting the country of their birth. Drake has already donated a copy of everything he has collected in his research on the Korean War orphans to the Choong Hyun Won. He has also donated a quantity of books that deal with the Korean War orphans as well as all of the original photographs, letters and paintings dealing with Korean War orphans and orphanages that he collected during his years of research on the topic.