George F. Drake – Community Activist

” Not to take sides effectively is to weigh in on the side of the stronger”

William Sloane Coffin


I have been a community activist – “trouble maker” some say, for most of my life. From an early age, I have felt a deep compassion for the marginalized in society. Starting to travel as a youth, and then leaving the country for the first time after high school cemented my solidarity with the victims of prejudice and injustice. My engagement with people of many backgrounds has greatly informed my worldview that all individuals should be granted dignity and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender.


 Much of my public life documents my lifelong commitment to promoting the appreciation of cultural diversity. I believe it patriotic to advance the principles of social justice and human rights on which this nation was founded and to recognize community heroes who have made the global community a better place for all by virtue of their civic contributions.

[Photo: George F. Drake being named “Honorary Citizen” by the Mayor of the Metropolitan City of Gwangju, Republic of Korea.]

From an early age my mother instilled in me a deep appreciation for the arts and I have found the arts  useful teaching an appreciation of human diversity.