George F. Drake – Community Activist

George F. Drake has been a community activist (trouble maker, some say) most of his life and while specific activities varied from year to year there are several major themes that are recurrent in much of what he does.


He thinks and acts globally. As a youth, George began traveling extensively throughout the United States. Since leaving the country for the first time when he graduated high school, he has travelled the world, speaks several languages and is equally at ease with the poor slum dweller, indigenous natives in the jungle and ministers of state in national capitals. When he begins a new project, he looks at it with a global view not a parochial one.


From an early age, he felt deep compassion for the poor and marginalized in society, as well as the mentally disabled.  His sincere engagement with people from many backgrounds and walks of life has cemented his solidarity with the victims of prejudice. Much of his public life documents his lifelong commitment to promoting the appreciation of cultural diversity. He believes it his patriotic duty to advance the principles of social justice and human rights on which this nation was founded. His worldview in deeply rooted in the belief that all individuals should be granted dignity and respect regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or gender.

Drake has a deep appreciation for the arts and uses the arts to teach an appreciation of human diversity and to recognize community heroes who have made the global community a better place for all by virtue of their civic contributions.

Contact information:
Email = gfdrake1@gmail.com