December 2011

Hello to our dear friends and family:

‘Tis the season to be jolly…but not quite.  Our grandson Cyle lost his battle with leukemia in late November.  He was only 10 years old.  Mary Ann I had visited him two days before he died.  Up until the very last he insisted on going to school.  “I’m not dead yet, I’m going to school” he would say.  Cyle was adopted by a wonderful family who also have adopted three other special needs children.

Early in the year Mary Ann lost sight in her left eye due to a fall in a nearby park.  For her the real loss was her independence as she can no longer drive.  Weather permitting, several times a week we go for a walk together in a city park, go shopping, go out for lunch, etc.  We do watch an hour and a half of DVD programs such as ballet, opera, drama, history, biography and the like.  We are really put out when we have to watch (or quick scroll through) so many outrageous previews of other DVDs.

George was invited to attend the 100th anniversary celebrations of the City of Manizales History Society in Manizales, Colombia as their special guest.  Some 47 years ago he was instrumental in getting this moribund organization up and going again so when the new board was formed they named George as “Honorary President.”  Well, someone found that he was still alive and so the invitation.  On the ground things went well.  It was the air travel going there and the return that was horrible.  No more air travel in ‘Cattle Class’ on US airlines for him.

David still works at the University and Todd now lives in Everett “trying to get his life together” after the loss of his son and separation from the mother.  We try not to let their problems with “relationships” bother us.  That’s their problem, not ours.  We’re too old for that stuff.  Mary Ann just turned 82 and I am not far behind.

‘Nuf for now.  Our very best wishes to all for a good year in a stressful world.

George and Mary Ann


2900 Dakin St. Bellingham, Washington 98226