Sebastian at Barkley Village

One evening Sebastian, Gabriela, and Hong Sungchang, a Korean friend of mine, and I were having a Korean style pizza in a traditional pub in Seoul. The conversation turned to David Marshall, a Canadian sculptor who had been friends with Sebastian and me.  I remarked that before he died, in fact before anyone knew he was ill, I asked David “What artistic goal do you have that you have not achieved?”  He responded that he wanted one of his works produced on a large scale.  I asked him what ‘large scale’ meant and he responded “at least six feet tall.”  “Which would you like to have made in that size?” I asked and he responded “Variations on a Sphere.”  I said “You get quotes for casting one that size and I will raise the money.”  He died before he even got one quote for producing the work.

Sebastian quickly said “I will do it for him.  I will manufacture two, one for Canada and one for Mexico.”